Today I spent a couple hours at the pool with Ryder, it was such a beautiful day and there wasn't a soul there when we arrived.

That soon changed... within a half hour a family with a small little girl (maybe 2) sat next to us, the little girl was very cautious around the water and the parents were definetly hands on and encouraged the little girl to kick her feet but I could tell she has never been in a swim lesson and definitely couldn't swim. Then two boys, maybe 10 years of age with their moms walked up. The moms sat under a shaded area and chatted away while the boys continued to do canon balls. The last group that arrived were two women and about 5 girls (ranging from ages 9-12). The 4 older girls immediately went to the deep end of the pool and began swimming around and playing games. The two ladies came and sat next to me with a small girl, with their back to the older girls. We sat quietly for a few moments, one of the ladies was obviously the young girl's mom and the other was her friend. At one point, the mother got startled by something her child did, obviously the little one could not swim. The women with her said "relax" and the mother's response was "children drown in 2 inches of water" and the other women said "ya, when the parents aren't paying attention".

I so badly bit my tongue!!!! I thought, "should I say anything?", "how do I handle this statement diplomatically?" Being a mother of a drowning victim, hearing that my child drowned because "I didn't pay attention".

That is when Ryder jumped off the stairs and went under the water, the women again seemed started. I felt like this was the poorptunity to share so I said "My son is 3 and swims very well, your daughter can learn too". Then, I said "I had a child drown and we were parents that paid attention- we just didn't realize she could learn and it was a tragic accident". They both gasp, then they shared that they both did not know how to swim. I was shocked so I said " what would you do if your child fell in and got into trouble" The mother said "well, my adrenaline would kick in and I would save her"

I said very politely - "to learn to swim especially around here is very important, your local aquatic center could help you all learn" and I left the pool.

I left there with a bit of a heavy heart, I know I am ultra sensitive when it comes to water but I feel so many are too casual and they do not realize how dangerous it can be and how quickly it can take a life. We will never stop sharing how our life tragically changed because we were complacent.

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