Our Story...


On August 3, 2009... We spent the day in our backyard family pool, we were a family that spent 5 out of the 7 days in the pool. I was the first to get out of the pool that day with our 19 month old to lay her down for a nap. I proceeded to ask my husband to come in with our 3 year old while I went grocery shopping. Our 10 year old and her friend remained in the pool though. When I returned home from shopping, I was met at the door by Edna Mae, who had just got up from her nap. I gave her a sippy cup and placed her in a rocking chair in front of the television while I started to put our groceries away. My husband was conducting an interview with a gentleman in our front living room. A moment later, my husband asked me a question, so I went into that room to answer it. That is when I noticed that our slider door was open, I thought “why is the door open” but I did not panic. I leasurely walked in the girls bedrooms to make sure they were all in there. Ally, her friend and Taylor were there but Em was not. Again I still did not panic, I walked out to our back yard to see if she was playing there near the swing set. Walking past our pool, I noticed Edna Mae, our angel, out of the corner of my eye floating in our pool. I immediately ran to her and just held her. My husband heard my screams and came running out where he took her from me and started CPR. Moments later, the paramedics arrived and brought her to the hospital, where she fought for a long week.



In the days that followed that tragic Monday we were filled with hope, yet also our share of bad news. Edna Mae's organs were improving so we were believing she was going to be okay and come home. Yet as the tests continued her brain activity declined. Until we had no other choice other than to accept that our baby was not going to be okay.


On Sunday, August 9th ~ we met with The Organ Donation Team and signed the consent forms. We had approximately 24 hours left with our baby girl. The hardest thing for Shannon and I to accept was not being with our baby girl for her last breath. However, the need to have something good come out of this nightmare overpowered any selfish thoughts we might have had. We were told early morning August 10th, that they placed her heart to a one month old in Tampa, both of her kidney's went to a 35 year old mother of three girls, her liver to a little boy who lives in Florida named Mason and her stomach, pancreas and intestines to a seven month old in Miami. Praise God! Our angel helped four families! We never thought this would happen to us, we thought we did everything we could to protect our family. We had locked doors, we had a pool fence and we also thought that she was not old enough to get swim lessons. The one day our pool gate was left open, she found her way outside and this happened. I later found a receipt from that day, I went grocery shopping and checked out at 3:46pm, I loaded my car with the groceries, drove home from the store, brought the food inside and started to put everything away when I found my baby girl. I was sitting in the ER watching my daughter fight for her life at 4:15pm, in a matter of 29 minutes our life changed FOREVER!


Now... Our life mission is to help as many families as possible. "Raising awareness with drowning prevention and organ donation one family at a time"