Swim Scholarships

McGovern Foundation will offer swim scholarships to those in need. If you can not afford lessons, please email us and we will help. You will need to submit an application and provide financial statements.


McGovern Foundation believes in Organ Donation.

Today, more than 115,000 children and adults await life-saving organ transplants in the United States. More than 4,000 of them are in Florida alone. You can make a difference in their lives by becoming an organ, tissue and eye donor. 

My mother, Edna Mae was an heart recipient, unfortunately she passed away during the surgery. She believed in organ donation long before she knew she would need a new heart, so upon her death, we knew her wishes. She helped at least 3 different families with her gift of life.

Our daughter, Edna Mae was an organ donor at the age of 19 months. She helped 4 different families with the gift of life.

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McGovern Foundation is offering Scholarships to individuals who submit an essay explaining why they want to be a WSI Instructor.

WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTOR (WSI) American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification Classes (WSI) The American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Training course gives Water Safety Instructors the skills and knowledge to teach children and adults to swim, and give water safety presentations to kids and their parents. The Water Safety Instructor Certification is valid for 2 years and never expires for active American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors.

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Thank You!

McGovern Foundation offers public speaking opportunities. If you would like Cassie to come speak to your group, club, school, meeting and or business to help raise awareness with drowning prevention and organ donation. Please contact Cassie @

The YMCA mobile aquatics program offers Broward County residentswho live in apartment complexes free swim lessons to children 6 months to adult. If you know of an apartment that could benefit from this initiative, please contact me @